Night Coat/ Sun Threads ep

by thunder tracks

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released March 8, 2013



all rights reserved


thunder tracks San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Night Coat/Sun Threads
i drink my wine
and watch the night
button her coat

a cold wind blows
through her bones
her holy coat
shows her skin like sin

when the morning comes
the hawks fly low
with their sharpened beaks
they try and sew

up the sky
they're pullin' light
dancin' blind
prayin' for sight
Track Name: Graffiti
if i was your ghost
i'd rattle your bones
and tickle your toes
while you were asleep
i would creep down your street
mean yellow eyed cats
all painted in black
are always hissin' at me
when i graffiti your neighborhood grocery

my creaky floor boards
bend in the morning
beneath your feet
the dust kicked up from your boots
suspended in my room
like a galaxy
the light from my morning window
turns them all into gold
and i know you're home
i can feel you
can you feel me
i can hear you
can you hear me
Track Name: Magic
skull is smilin just holes behind his eyelids

thats a face only a mother could love

jawbones talk slow

your teeth are fallin from your head like snow

you say theres magic in the rain

the wind blows time and lightning shows the way

strange symbols carved in the middle

of the sand crystals we dug up in the plains

those old stones have found new homes

dancin on our fingers and kissin our chests

you say theres magic in the way

when folks speak they breathe clouds that make rain
Track Name: dreamsnake
rainbows flowing through morning
break as the storm shakes its body

paint hangs over wet plains
colorful waves spillin' out
a soft wound

your feets golden dance
has blossomed cactus
dreamsnake show us the way
to carve softly

the way you walk easily
on your belly beneath
a dying thing
Track Name: Old Man Eagle
old man eagle has been
out on the lake takin' a dip
all the hairs in his beard are painted golden

that blue jean jacket he got on
is bleached out like bones
that belonged to that old jack rabbit that said
you ain't never gonna find me dead
oh, no

when the moons winkin' goodnight
the old eagle flies
his turquoise fingers will bring her the sun
like morning coffee bright black and undone

those goldy oldies he sings
will wake up every beast from their dreams

coyote woman lets out a yawn
arches her back and stretches her arms
rattlesnake man shakes off the sand
snags him a smoke and gets to carvin' the land
on and on